Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters


Open Spaces – the “movie”!

I am so happy to tell you that the video class, Open Spaces, is finally available for streaming at susan-guagliumi.teachable.com. Early on, I considered a downloadable version and availability on DVD and USB, but after talking to people in media production, they told me there was just no way to protect my intellectual property – my investment – if I made the class available through those means. Pirating is still a huge problem and apart from it being illegal, it really discourages creators from making more classes. In addition, this class edited out to 7 hours, which is much too long for most people to download and makes reproduction a problem as well.

As I said, the course is nearly 7 hours long and includes 42 unique lessons. I’ve included all of the charts I use on screen so if you don’t already own the book you’ll still have everything you need to follow along. While this course will enhance your understanding of methods in the book, it also measures up as a stand alone class. The class materials include a number of open space sweater designs I have previously made available on the web site as well as a class-exclusive pattern for the Winged Ladder sweater. Once you are enrolled, you will also receive a very special discount on any of my books.

This class was filmed with 3 cameras and professional lighting and, although I paid a media company to synchronize the three cameras, I did almost all of the editing to be sure the important shots were included. I will tell you that I loved the editing process and, at the same time, found it frustrating when I realized that there was nothing much to be done about the fact that I held several sweater examples right up against the microphone – which doesn’t bode well for the audio track. That said, I’ll apologize in advance for some muffled and chafing sounds in a couple of the clips and ask you to cut me a little slack. I promise to do better the next time I hold up sweaters!

I have plans for some much shorter, less expensive classes in the future – and will also continue to post some short videos on this blog. I’ve recently decided to curtail most of my traveling for seminars so the best place to attend my classes in the future will be susan-guagliumi.teachable.

As a thank you for being a loyal blog subscriber, I am offering a $29 discount on all classes purchased before 11:00 PM on 9/19/19. Simply enter the code Early Birds at checkout.

I really hope you enjoy watching this class as much as I enjoyed making it for you!


Make-Do Needle Pushers

When I wrote More Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters, Colleen Smitherman allowed me to include her clever, clever method of making a “Make-Do Garter Bar” (MDGB). When I started knitting the sweater in the photo above I further adapted one of my MDGBs for a Make-Do Needle Pusher. If you have a copy of More-Hand…

Repairing Cable Crosses

I don’t think there is anything as frustrating as finishing a cable-loaded sweater only to find a mis-crossing right in the front. Or anywhere, for that matter. I can tell you that it happened to me on more than one occasion and, rather than ripping it all out and starting again, this is the method…

Horizontal Cables

This horizontal cable is constructed a little differently than most cables, but once blocked and finished, the effect is fabulous! Certainly not the stuff of an entire sweater, I think it makes a great accent above the rib – as I used it on the photo pictured at left. The full pattern is in More…

Bridged Cables

I still have two more videos on cables (horizontal cables and how to repair a wrong crossing after the fact) that I hope to get edited and posted soon, but right now I am neck deep in editing a full length video called Open Spaces to support my newest book. There are dozens and dozens…

Combination Cables

I spent several cold winter days shooting this entire series of cable videos so, please, forgive me if I occasionally begin by saying things like “once again” or “we previously….”. Until I sat down and started editing the videos I wasn’t always sure which ones would include what information. The videos all seemed to edit…

Single Bed Drop Stitch

I did a couple of posts on drop stitch and enlarging stitches back in June of 2017, but I wanted to share this method with you as well because I think is is, simply put, a better approach that requires less fussing with the actual stitches. You can never have too many options to choose…