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Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters


Felted Folk for the Holidays!

Moon Dancer

I first did these little felted people and animals about 20 years ago and for some reason, have never shared them here on the blog. I thought they might make fun, last minute holiday gifts and ornaments.

I have been a beader longer than I have been a machine knitter so it was only natural for me to combine my two loves. Keep in mind that, in addition to beading and embroidery and ribbons and such, you can always embellish the forms themselves (case in point, the well endowed “chorus girl” I knitted in pink and have not yet embellished)

The figure at left has “an empty head” where you could easily add a character bead. The well endowed chorus girl is on the right.

I hope you have fun embellishing these Felted Folk – I would love to see some photos of what you do!

November News

Chilly temperatures this morning reminded me that fall is nearly over, Thanksgiving coming soon and the inevitable New England winter not too far behind. I’m planning projects for hunkering down and waiting out the weather! I’m also hoping you are not receiving this posting for the second time. We’ve had issues (of course!) getting the…

Open Spaces – the “movie”!

I am so happy to tell you that the video class, Open Spaces, is finally available for streaming at Early on, I considered a downloadable version and availability on DVD and USB, but after talking to people in media production, they told me there was just no way to protect my intellectual property –…

Make-Do Needle Pushers

When I wrote More Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters, Colleen Smitherman allowed me to include her clever, clever method of making a “Make-Do Garter Bar” (MDGB). When I started knitting the sweater in the photo above I further adapted one of my MDGBs for a Make-Do Needle Pusher. If you have a copy of More-Hand…

Repairing Cable Crosses

I don’t think there is anything as frustrating as finishing a cable-loaded sweater only to find a mis-crossing right in the front. Or anywhere, for that matter. I can tell you that it happened to me on more than one occasion and, rather than ripping it all out and starting again, this is the method…

Horizontal Cables

This horizontal cable is constructed a little differently than most cables, but once blocked and finished, the effect is fabulous! Certainly not the stuff of an entire sweater, I think it makes a great accent above the rib – as I used it on the photo pictured at left. The full pattern is in More…

Bridged Cables

I still have two more videos on cables (horizontal cables and how to repair a wrong crossing after the fact) that I hope to get edited and posted soon, but right now I am neck deep in editing a full length video called Open Spaces to support my newest book. There are dozens and dozens…
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