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Handmade for the Garden

The DIY craze has moved beyond the craft room and into the garden! Relying on easy-to-find, inexpensive, and repurposed materials, Handmade for the Garden is a treasure trove of original projects that not only make planting and growing efficient and successful but also add a personal touch to the gardenscape. Among the myriad projects in this hardworking book are mini hothouses; painted, stamped, and stenciled terracotta planters; hypertufa and cement pots and decorations; rustic and formal fencing and trellises; plant markers and stakes; and sieves and baskets. With Handmade for the Garden to inspire them, gardeners of all skill levels will be empowered to experiment with form and function to discover creative, artful ways to personalize and beautify their gardens with handmade objects.

Handmade for the Garden is a beautiful book—it is paper bound and chock-full of great projects for you to make for your garden or for gifts. In Handmade for the Garden—I do love that title—she shares how to make all kinds of fun things to use in your garden. From seed-starting to containers, it is all here.... This book is jam-packed with instruction. That is a real plus. So many times, books like these are just pretty photos with little to no instructions to really create. Talk about frustrating. But not this one—Susan has figured it out for us and explicitly tells us how to make everything pictured.” Kristin Nicholas, Stitched on the Farm
“My copy of Handmade for the Garden arrived yesterday and I have not been able to put it down. I already have three projects lined up that I can get started on even though there’s still snow on the ground here in northwestern Connecticut. The project I'm most excited about is the willow switch fencing on page 156. The book is so beautifully shot, and the instructions for things I never would have thought to try are easy to follow and beautifully illustrated. Guagliumi's whole approach makes me want to up my game in the garden. She needs her own TV show!” Paul (from Amazon)
“For all of you creative gardeners, Handmade for the Garden offers plenty of winter projects to keep you busy until work can begin outside. The great thing about these crafts is that they are useful and the step-by-step directions makes it seem like you could actually complete them.” Lincoln Star Journal

Handmade for the Garden

Paper Pots: Handmade for the Garden
Paper Pots
Stamped Pots: Handmade for the Garden
Stamped Pots
Mailbox Planter: Handmade for the Garden
Mailbox Planter
Hypertufa: Handmade for the Garden
Spring Flower: Handmade for the Garden
Spring Flower
Trellis: Handmade for the Garden
Wire Basket: Handmade for the Garden
Wire Basket
Terra Pots: Handmade for the Garden
Engraved Terra Cotta Pots
Pitchfork: Handmade for the Garden