Well, OK. So Christmas isn’t exactly around the corner, but it is coming and it is never too soon to start planning. I just added the pattern and directions for making these fleecy sheep ornaments to the Free Stuff on my web site. I’ve made these for years – they are cute as tree ornaments or as package tie-ons for wool-minded friends. You only need a piece of black card stock and some fleece and about 10 minutes of your time. Couldn’t be simpler!

I sometimes do the sheep in natural tones like the one above, but I also think they look great in a variety of colors!





On a totally different topic, I will be teaching a hands-on class here in Northford, Connecticut (about 7 miles from New Haven) on Saturday and Sunday, October 20 & 21st from 9:30-4:30. Students will bring their own single bed machines to work on hand-manipulated stitches. We’ll focus on a lot of the open space methods in my new book, but we’ll also work on cables and popcorns and as many techniques as time allows. Lunch is included with the $150 tuition and dinner will be at my house on Saturday night.

I’ll send a materials list and a list of nearby hotels  out to students as they register. Registration is through the recreation department for the town of North Branford. You can register by phone by calling 203-484-6017 or contact Shawn Keogh with questions at recreationsupervisor@townofnorthbranfordct.com.

Hand-manipulated stitches is what I love best so I am excited about sharing some of my favorites with you in this two day class. Hope you can join me!