Susan Guagliumi

Craft Lover + Author + Gardener


Weaving & Fibers, Passap, and Singer Days

We never seem to take as many photographs as we intend to, but we should always try to label them with dates and names. What seemed perfectly clear at the time is apt to fade over the years!

the weaver
Probably about 1975, judging from the permed afro. This photo pre-dates any notion of a knitting machine.
eminent domain
Eminent Domain: In the early 1980’s our antique home was threatened by an eminent domain taking for a road-widening project. This tiny 8x10” crocheted piece grew out of that period. The piece is in a private collection.
Place for Things
Place for Things That Might Have Been. . . This knotted raffia basket, decorated with hishi shells was sold almost as quickly as I finished it in 1985.
Retinal View
For a while, I was fascinated by life under the microscope. The subject of this 1987 tapestry is the cell structure of the human retina. The piece is in a private collection.
Mexican tapestry
1981. “El color es la cancion Mexicana y todo el pueblo canta.” (Color is the song of Mexico and everybody sings.) This tapestry and the photographs I took in Mexico that were used to design it, comprised my Master’s thesis show. The piece, which measures 51 x 68” is wool on a linen warp and was purchased by Lawry’s Foods for their corporate headquarters in California. It later passed into private hands. The cartoon for the tapestry combined about a dozen photographs I had taken in Mexico in a kodalith negative, which was then enlarged to actually size. Today, instead of hours in the darkroom, the cartoon could be more easily designed using Photoshop.
Looms to Passap
So many toys! Which one to use?
Passap Vrew
1983 at Associated Knitting Machines in New Jersey. Susan seated in front with Corky Haas. Carl Peterson, Susanna Lewis, Gene Bailey, Linda Remos and Helen Deckelman. What an incredible bunch to work with!
Heavy snows closed down the east coast in January 1983 so after four days of a TNNA show, Carl Peterson, Helen Deckelman and I headed further south to Tijuana where we sat for this street photo with a zebra-painted donkey. The photo was promised to be “a color photo”, which it actually IS: “Mexican color-2colors!”
Training for Singer
Distributor training at Singer.