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Studio by White Days

I worked as the education director for Studio by White for 10 years, beginning in 1989. During that time, I instituted Camp Tuckanitslip, “starred” in a half dozen product videos, upgraded the magazine to a full color format and produced all kinds of teaching aids for dealers to use with their customers. I met some great people and saw a lot of this country, Europe and Japan.

Argyle Susan
Check out the sweater I knitted on the new Superba to match my tights!
Bramwell British American Seminar in Atlanta
Susan and Rick Drainville, Product Manager for Studio, at the Bramwell British American Seminar in Atlanta. Everybody went nuts over the jointed miniature mannequins!
Bramwell British American Seminar in Atlanta
Jane Walker (a very special Studio dealer) talking with my mom, Frances Fletcher. Rick and me in the background.
Bramwell British American Seminar in Atlanta
The not-so-glamorous part of a show! Susan, Rick and Dave Bratz, Service Manager for Studio, packing boxes while Gini Woodward and Susan’s mom look on.
Frances Collins
Susan with Bramwell Yarns distributor, Frances Collins.
Knitting Seminar
At left, Ginger Leuters and Lynne (Wohlsen) McCLune. At right, Dave Bratz and Susan’s mother, Frances Fletcher. Anybody know who the others are?
Makoto Visit
One of many educators that came from the Silver Reed factory to the US, Makoto stayed on for a training tour after Silver Bay in 1992.
May 1991 Seminar
1991 seminar – the photo was dated, but I’m not sure where this was taken.
Portland Seminar
June Reed always held terrific seminars – with a luncheon fashion show. Great dress!
Sharon Nani
An undated photo of Sharon Nani and me in Sacramento.
Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii
This is THE most casual I ever dressed for dealer training. Jill Coryell, second from right, had a shop in Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii. Two of my most favorite training trips!
Japanese Dealers
Top-selling Studio by White dealers earned a trip to Japan. Front row from left: Susan, Roz Kruh-Evans, Lynne (Wohlsen) McClune, Susan Lazear, Eileen Cronin, Takako Ondo (Silver Reed Director of Education); back row from left: June and Ken Reed, John Douthat, Jane Walker.
Japanese Dealers
Visiting the Giant Buddha. Front row: Takako Ondo, Susan, June and Ken Reed, Eileen Cronin. Back row: John Douthat, Roz Kruh-Evans, Susan Lazear, Lynne McClune, Jane Walker. What a trip!
Norma Doolen’s Seminar
Another delicious chicken dinner with great company: Susan, Betsy Gettys, Carlene and Gary Sage at one of Norma Doolen’s seminars.
1990 Knitathon
Members of the Knitting Machine Council sponsored a 24-hour knitathon in 1990, where we knitted PILES of sweaters for charity! I’m at center front (with a whopper of a cold) with Carol Nepton of Brother at my right. Julie Johnson (now editor of Sewing Savvy) is at center in back, with Holly (?) and Peter Foss of Passap at her right. Sorry the photo wasn’t labeled — anybody know the other names?
Oaxaca, Mexico
I wish this were a better photo of us all at Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico: Alicia Niles, Ruth Lantz, Susan, Ginger Leuters, Susan Lazear.
Camp Tuckanitslip 1991
The first year of Camp Tuckanitslip at Camp Muskingum in Ohio. The food and accommodations were memorable! Click to enlarge.
Camp Tuckanitslip 1991
Mom and me sitting on the porch at Camp Muskingum.
Camp Tuckanitslip 1991
Camp Muskingum. Second from left is Arlene Sollenberger; 4th from left is Mom then me.
Camp Tuckanitslip 1991
1992 Tuckinitslip—we loved Silver Bay! Click to enlarge.
The Historic Inn at Silver Bay
We loved Silver Bay! The Historic Inn at Silver Bay—An idyllic setting with beautiful views of Lake George.
Tuckanitslip Silver Bay
Dinner time at Silver Bay from the left, Silver Reed engineer, Takako Ondo, Claudia Cronin (VWS), Dave Bratz (Studio service), Gini Woodward.
Tuckanitslip Silver Bay
You can always tell when a group of instructors are up to no-good. I can’t remember whether the cow-print fabric or the necklace and earrings were a gift the previous year, but I didn’t normally dress like that! From left: Joan Stiles, Alicia Niles, Susan Lazar, June Reed, Ruth Lantz, Deborah Newton, Lynne McClune, Susan, Leslye Solomon.
Tuckanitslip Silver Bay
Susan Lazear adding to the intros.
Bag Lady Silver Bay
The Bag Lady of Silver Bay! Armed with a Camp Tuckanitslip tote bag, you know she was one of our instructors up to more shenanigans!
Pat the Pocket Dave
The bag lady presented Dave Bratz’s camp shirt with a special pocket for candy distribution. He was a real sweet guy anyhow, but the butterscotches cinched the deal!
Camp Tuckanitslip Silver Bay
I learned a lot more than Belly Dancing from Bonnie Triola (who still looked just as good the last time I saw her in fall, 2008!)
Camp Tuckanitslip Silver Bay
Takako Ondo was with us at Silver Bay for camp one year.
Camp Tuckanitslip Silver Bay Campfire
It wouldn’t be camp without an evening campfire, making s’mores.
Camp Tuckanitslip Silver Bay Midnight Madness
And it wouldn’t be a knitting event if there wasn’t any yarn to buy – whatever the hour!
Camp Tuckanitslip Silver Bay
My old friend, LaRue Allen, with Lily Chin And Linda Mendelson, yucking it up at Silver Bay.
Camp Tuckanitslip Silver Bay
Terri Burns, Lynne McClune and Gini Woodward making announcements at dinner.
1993 Camp Tuckanitslip
Crystal Mountain Ski Resort was a beautiful spot high in the mountains of Washington State. Click to enlarge.
Helen and Gini—1993 Camp Tuckanitslip
Helen Koshak and Gini Woodward modeling her machine knitting T-shirt.
1993 Camp Tuckanitslip
There’s no living with me now! I was officially named "Queen of Knitting" at Camp Tuck, 1993 at Crystal Mountain. Gini Woodard is presenting me with my medal. (Do you have any idea what it takes to post a photo like this one?!)
1993 Camp Tuckanitslip
Flanked by Rick Drainvile and Dave Bratz at Crystal Mountain. Looks like Terri Burns had a hand in decorating Rick’s sweatshirt.
1993 Camp Tuckanitslip
Rick Drainville thanking the group for his “Burma Hump” cap, replete with badges and pins. June Reed and me at right, overcome by the moment! What a good sport!
Hat Contest—1993 Camp Tuckanitslip
Some good sports—and mighty fine knitters—accepted the hat contest challenge.
1993 Camp Tuckanitslip
Karaoke Clowns (at Crystal Mountain) from left: Dave Bratz, Lynne McClune, Terri Burns, Susan, Jill Boyarko (Studio secretary), Julie (Viking educator) and Rick Drainville.
Classes with Gini
Classes with Gini Woodward are always fun and loaded with information. Gini seated at the machine and Jamele Lampkin second from left.
1994 Camp Tuckanitslip
The meals at the UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead made up for the first year’s gruel! Click to enlarge.
Lake Arrowhead Bar
The Lake Arrowhead bar was a popular spot at the end of the day! From the left: Gini Woodward, Helen Koshak and Leslye Solomon.
Rick Drainville and Gini Woodward
Rick Drainville and Gini Woodward enjoyed a good joke.
George LeWarre
When Studio by White sold the White (Superba) machines, George LeWarre came over from England to help with some training. We became fast friends (we share the same birthday!) and have managed to stay in touch and visit over the years. This picture was taken when I was in England and Wales with George and his partner, William in June, 2001.