I guess most of us feel like we’ve got all the time in the world now for knitting – and sewing and gardening and spring cleaning and playing ball with the dog 12 times a day. We did a regular grocery shopping trip about a week before the really toilet paper panic hit the news so we were lucky to be able to stock up (no hoarding!) on the things we usually buy. Hit BJ’s Warehouse in the morning and then the regular grocery store for human sized packaging after lunch. We’ll be fine for a while, but I worry about my kids and some close friends with health issues. I guess I worry about all the same things everyone else does……and keep wishing I could just sleep it all off and wake up to a fresh new world in a couple of weeks. Instead, I’ll keep on knitting and reading and sewing – and gardening. They say gardeners are people who really believe in Tomorrow.

I’m working on a new quilt for the bedroom to match the newly upholstered chair that matches the painted folky furniture we have had for years. I’m trying to expand my thoughts on Traveling Stitches for a possible class in the next year. Have spent a couple of mornings in the garden, waking up the perennials and moving things around. Lots of baking and too much nightly cooking – missing those quick week night “dinners” out. So, apart from missing my friends and my hair needing a trim, I am going to treat this sheltering at home like a vacation where I can indulge myself in all the activities I love doing and never seem to have enough time for! There is nothing better than being busy.

Susan Guagliumi

Last week I sent out a newsletter (that was just supposed to be a blog post – long story) and I listed two codes for you to use for free downloadable patterns (that are usually $6 each). The felted slipper pattern (code: FPBFS) is free with book purchases

Susan Guagliumi

and the LK150 carrying case/ pattern (code:FP150) is free with any tool order. Unfortunately, the way the web site is set up, it won’t let me honor the two codes on a single order. Sorry about that, but those codes are good for a couple of months. The slipper socks pattern I featured in that newsletter is one of the free downloads so no code needed.

I just completed a new pattern for toe-less pedicure socks that is now available on the web site. The leg portion of these socks is worked in striped ridges of stockinet/reversed stockinet and the pattern includes directions to knit those stripes with clean, sharp edges instead of the dotted effect we often get when working stripes in reverse stockinet. It is a technique you will find useful beyond this fun sock pattern. Why toeless, you might ask? Because then you can slip your be-socked (is that a word?) feet into your flip flops when you finally get out in the world for a well deserved pedicure!

Lastly, I decided to make the Teachable classes as affordable as I can while people are stuck at home with Netflix and Facebook and possibly looking for a class or two. So, until April 30th, all of my course at Teachable are on sale at 30% off. Just enter the code SPRING30. Wish I could just afford to give the courses away right now, but, unfortunately, I still have hosting & other fees to pay so 30% is about as good as it gets.

Also, if you are looking for classes, you really should check out all the offerings at www.myblueprint.com (formerly Craftsy). In addition to my three machine knitting classes, there are tons of sewing, quilting, cooking and assorted craft and lifestyle classes and they are all really affordable. Maybe this forced at-home time will be a great opportunity to learn some new skills!

It looks like we are all doing the right thing by staying home and avoiding the outside world so, hopefully, this virus will wear itself out and pass quickly. Wash your hands, eat your peas and try to stay positive. Til next time……