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About: Full color, 186 pages, paper-back and hard cover editions available.

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Finally! A book that bridges the gap between hand and machine knitting! Hand Knits by Machine explains in detail (with nearly 500 charts and photographs) the “why”, not just the “how” for a variety of hand knit methods to work by machine.

The first half of the book focuses on the machine knit equivalents for a variety of hand knit cast ons, bind offs, increases, decreases and methods of picking up stitches. In addition to explaining common stitches like Fair Isle, tuck and slip, it also provides step-by-step instructions and illustrations for (among others) using a garter bar, beading on the machine and weaving in ends as you work.

Part Two features individual chapters on converting lace stitches and mosaic stitches to the machine – with instructions for hand selecting needles or creating charts for automatic selection with punch cards or electronics. The entrelac chapter features a slick method for working this popular stitch with absolutely no scrapping off and the modular knits chapter is packed with standards like domino squares and log cabin, as well as some innovative approached to diamonds.

“The process of taking a hand-knit garment and recreating it with a knitting machine can be daunting at first, but with a little guidance, it can be very exciting! Hand Knits by Machine deconstructs each of the steps involved with clear and concise detail, making them understandable and achievable. As well, there are thorough explanations and instructions for techniques hand-knitters love, such as entrelac, mosaic knitting, and modular knitting, demystifying them so they can easily be accomplished with a knitting machine. This book is an excellent resource that will be referred to again and again.” Trisha Malcolm, editor Vogue Knitting Magazine

“There is no more intelligent voice in the machine knitting world than Susan Guagliumi. And here she has done it again: a masterful, comprehensive, inspiring book. I love everything about it—the concepts, the illustrations, the examples of garments, the organization. But three things stand out above all. One is the brilliance of the voice: this is the master in her field. The second is that she addresses the question of why: Susan understands that competence comes when this is answered. Third is the recurring thread where she compares and contrasts hand and machine knitting: what a treasure this book is for the hand knitter who approaches a machine or a machine knitter who does not knit by hand. It is all brilliantly done, so thank you, Susan.” Sally Melville, author The Knitting Experience

“I am so excited to see this book from Susan Guagliumi who is the most knowledgeable machine knitter I know.  Her technical expertise and clear presentation make this book a must for hand-knitters wanting to make the leap to the machine, as well as for machine knitters who want to add some great hand-knitting skills to their bag of tricks! Lace, entrelac and mosaic patterning are fascinating when done on the machine, and Susan gives the technical back-up to ensure success.” Deborah Newton, author Designing Knits

“Susan Guagliumi reveals all her clever tips for making a machine knit sweater look hand knit. If you are a hand knitter wanting to make more projects, pick up Hand Knits by Machine. It is full of tips designed for the hand knitter to understand – decreases, increases, cables, lace, and color-work are all possible on a knitting machine. What a way to kick the boredom of stockinet stitch – knit your pieces by machine, turn out more gorgeous sweaters and no one will ever guess your project was made on a machine. You may never hand knit again!” Kristin Nicholas, author and knitting expert for PBS Knit and Crochet Now

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