Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters


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About: Black and white, 250 pages, paper-back. HMS, the top-selling machine knit book for the last 20 years, has been used as a text in numerous schools in the U.S. and abroad. Paper back and hard cover editions available.
Publisher: GuagliumiDotCom
Erratum: PDF

NOTE: (1) Knitters who own earlier editions should download the errata pdf above. Most corrections relate to photos that needed to be reversed, etc. This errata sheet appears on Cathie Sanders’ web site at www.northtipton.com. There is also an error in the third caption on page 136. It says to hand knit needles 2 and 4. It should say needles 2 and 3. (2) The DVD is identical to the earlier VHS video.


A knitting machine can knit in seconds what might take hours to produce by hand. Still, there are plenty of stitches and effects that the machine cannot execute automatically. For these, your hands take charge. Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters is a rich sourcebook that includes detailed information on all types of hand-manipulated stitches: twisted, wrapped, woven, lifted, re-hung, transferred and cabled.

All techniques are described in generic language, suitable for any knitting machine. In addition, the first chapter offers a clear description of how machines form stitches and is especially helpful for new knitters. A companion DVD to this book is keyed to text pages and offers additional explanation for techniques covered in the book.

This edition of Hand-Manipulated Stitches is identical to the original, 1990 Taunton Press edition, though it does include a number of corrections that came to light after the initial publication.

Original endorsement from back cover of Taunton edition: “The competence and ease with which Susan Guagliumi explains her machine knitting techniques is quickly apparent.”
-Nancy Thomas, Vogue Knitting

“I have your book and am working through it like a text book, also watching the DVD over and over trying to catch things each time. Your teaching is simply amazing and you make it look simple.”

“Susan, I have had the greatest of respect for you since I first became aware of your work, which must have been in about 1990. Your description of knitting an Aran sweater on the machine was an incredible revelation (even if I still prefer to hand knit an Aran).”
-Joan in British Columbia

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