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These tools feel great in your hands! Solid wood handles are individually turned and burnished by a New England craftsman, then securely fitted with a mid-gauge or standard gauge latch hook. Perfect for machines. Produced in a variety of hardwoods so I cannot guarantee color or graining.

Beading Tools have tiny, delicate latch tool tips that are small enough to fit through the holes in most beads. See the video on how to use this tool at or my YouTube channel

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Single Latch Tools, Double Latch Tools For reforming 2×2 ribs, Every-Other-Needle Latch Tools for Reforming 1×1 ribs


Beading Tool, Standard Gauge, Mid/Chunky Gauge, Standard Gauge (4.5mm), Mid-Gauge (6.5mm), Chunky Gauge (9mm), Mid-Gauge (13mm), Chunky Gauge (18mm)


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