More Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters


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About: The ultimate guide for hand and machine knitters. 194 pages, full color. Paper back and hard cover editions available.

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The first half of the book is divided into 6 chapters that explain all the practical applications of bridging. This technique enables you to take control of every individual needle on the bed of your machine to vary stitch size, add extra rows in specific places or access the free yarn between the carriage and the bed. The single most liberating technique for producing hand manipulated stitches on a machine, bridging is shown in lots of step-by-step photos that will show you exactly how it is done.

The second half of the book features nine patterns for sweaters, scarves, a shawl, hats and a fun felted tote bag that utilize bridging to produce incredible textures. One of the sweaters features a truly horizontal cable!

This book is loaded with large, easy to read charts, full color “beauty shots” and lots of step-by-step photos so that knitters who are comfortable with their machines will be able to work through the exercises and, ultimately, make bridging part of their repertoire.

“The book is incredible. You did an amazing job and you made machine knitting fashionable… yeah!!! Thanks for including Trendsetter. I love the jacket and am going to have one of them made for us to use at the show and Stitches to help promote the book. You’re the best….” Barry Klein, Trendsetter Yarns

“I thought Guagliumi’s Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters was one of the most innovative machine knitting books on the market. This sequel takes her techniques to exponentially higher levels. Her knit-in horizontal cable is brilliant. The combination of diagrams, color photos and text are easy to follow. Her patterns are an added bonus.” Nancy Roberts

“Just received More Hand Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters by Susan Guagliumi and I think it is an excellent book. The colored photos are superb and enhances it tremendously. Beginners will appreciate the step by step photos Susan has given. Experienced knitters will enjoy her creative mind. I personally look forward to adding these techniques to my knits and have many ideas that I plan to try. She has made my creative juices flow and with this book as an excellent tool to guide me through. I highly recommend this to any machine knitter.” Linda M. Williams “Knitting lady” (

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