The Drafting Primer (Download Only)


This 49 page reprint of the original 1978 title is identical in content, but does not include blank graphed pages. Text covers twills, block designing, profile drafting, overshot, summer & winter, crackle, Bronson, Swedish lace and more!

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About: 49 pages, black and white, ebook (for download only). Drafting is the language of weaving and the ability to read and understand these drafts is key to your success as a weaver.
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Publisher: GuagliumiDotCom

Originally published in 1978, Drafting Primer is an excellent introduction to drafting for hand weavers. In the interest of speedy downloads, this edition does not include blank graphed pages so the actual number of pages is 49, rather than 64. Please note that the only pages missing are the blank, graphed pages. Drafting Primer introduces Reading Drafts and the structure of twills, block designs and profile drafting, overshot, crackle weave, summer and winter, lace Bronson, Swedish lace, M’s and O’s, shadow weave, Krokbragd and Rosepath in a workbook format.

“Drafting Primer guides weavers through the most popular weaves in a systematic, friendly and orderly way. What I like about this book is that it is not overwhelming and there is nothing comparable. This is a great first drafting book and I always recommend it to my students.”
Lucienne Coifman,


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