Winged Ladder Sweater (Download Only)


WLSA does not include the specifics of the Winged Ladder technique. It covers sweater construction only. WLSF includes excerpted pages from the book, Open Spaces, which does explain the basic method.

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Please note that there are two versions of this pattern available. If you already own the book, Open Spaces, you should purchase pattern WLSA. If you do not own the book, the specific directions fort he technique are included in pattern WLSF. Also, the full pattern is included free with either of the video courses at

Winged Ladders are an easy to knit variation on join-as-you-go techniques. A perfect way to use up ads and ends of special yarns and to knit really huge projects on very few needles. The front and back of the 48″ sweater shown were each knitted on just 75 needles!

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