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Stripes and Slits Sweater Pattern

I’ve just added another free pattern to the web site. Stripes and Slits is an over-sized pullover in two sizes, perfect for wearing over leggings. The horizontal slits are explained in detail on page 221 of Open Spaces: Machine Knit Eyelets, Ladders and Slits so the pattern does not give detailed directions for the horizontal slits.

I originally planned to knit this sweater when I attended a knitting retreat with some friends from the San Francisco Machine Knitters Guild. I worked out an interesting variation of a Fibonacci stripe and thought it would be perfect to use up some odd skeins I had of Cascade “Sierra”. Unfortunately this wool/cotton blend is no longer being made, but I had three different yellows and some navy and white I wanted to use up and thought I had enough. I willed it to be true….

Long story short – I did get the front of the sweater knitted at the retreat and then realized that I had figured on my total yardage and not considered the individual colors. I didn’t have enough for the back and sleeves. So, I packed up the Sierra and moved on to the purple yarn I had brought with me for a second project – I gave you that pattern last month.

Once I got home, I started looking on Ravelry for one more skein of each of the yellows.Then I felt guilty asking people to bust up their stashes for a single skein so I ended up with 3 more of each yellow. I finished the sweater last week and can tell you (1) there is a slight difference in the row gauge between the LK I used in California and mine at home. Most of the length difference came out in the wash. Most of it. I should have re-gauged for the California machine, but didn’t. (2) I have plenty of all three yellows left over and am resisting the temptation to knit another stripe project for now. If any of you run short, let me know!

Some of you may have run into problems in my web site a month ago. The shopping cart kept dumping sales, showing nothing in the cart when you got to checkout. I apologize for the difficulties! We had just added the SSL  protection to the web site. SSL is the guaranteed security feature that all sites will soon either have or show a notice that they are not secure. There was a glitch deep in the code and it took days to fix it. Couldn’t have happened at a worse time with a new book and a new tool. Never fails, huh?

And, while I’m correcting glitches, the book review for Open Spaces that appeared in the new (early fall) issue of Vogue Knitting was written by someone who, for whatever reason, thinks I did all of the fabrics on a Passap and mentioned it in the review. None of the swatches was done on a Passap though some of them certainly could gave been. The book is far more generic and not focused on any single machine. Hope that didn’t confuse any of you who have not yet ordered your very own copies of this gorgeous book!

We finally caught a break in the heat wave and have had an absolutely glorious weekend. I know the humidity will return – it always does here in Connecticut – but for now, I have spent 3 delicious days digging in the garden – mostly weeding – and it will probably be weeks before I can get my nails video clean again! Hope you are enjoying the summer weather and that all your days are sunny and dry!




  1. Madeleine Assink on July 10, 2018 at 5:45 am

    Hai Susan, I ordered your book and after reading your newsletter I was looking for the link to the free pattern you mentioned but can’t find it. It is not in the newsletter and not yet on the website.com. Am I mising something?

    • Susan Guagliumi on July 10, 2018 at 9:08 am

      You must be registered for the newsletter and then you are sent a link that unlocks the page with all the free downloads. You must always use that link to get to the list of downloads. I just re-checked and the pattern – and tens more – is definitely there. Let me know if you are having difficulties after you register.

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