Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters

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With nearly 7 hours of instruction and 42 unique lessons, this video is the companion to the book, Open Spaces, and will guide you through dozens of techniques Susan will share knitting tips, inspiration and key information as she starts with the basics and builds towards more complex fabrics . If you don’t yet own the book, have no fear as more than 50 stitch charts are included with the class materials, making it easy for you to follow along. Teachable.com

Machine Knitting: Hand-Manipulated Stitches

My newest Bluprint class, Machine Knitting: Hand-Manipulated Stitches, covers a variety of cables, short row intarsia, Bridging (my signature method using short rows for eye-popping textures), re-hung stitches, traveling and twisted stitches and a preview of some of the open spaces I am exploring for my fourth book. The class materials include all of the charts and directions and you’ll need to work through the samples and the last lesson includes lots of tips and suggestions for using these techniques in garments.

Machine Knitting with Color and Texture

Machine Knitting with Color and Texture explores the garter bar, intarsia and entrelac knitting - great color techniques for any machine!

Machine Knitting: Essential Techniques

Machine Knitting: Essential Techniques is perfect for beginners who want step by step instruction to get them started on their machine. You’ll learn about needle positions, yarn tension and carriage settings.

I am so excited about these classes because they make it possible for beginning knitters everywhere to learn how to use their machines, while offering experienced knitters clear instruction for new techniques!

The production crew at Bluprint films these classes with four cameras so they cover every angle, which makes it really easy for you to “be there” 24/7 right in your own home. In addition to two slid hours of well edited instruction, each class includes loads of downloadable reference materials and place to ask questions as you work through each class.

You can use my affiliate links(at right) to purchase my classes at a 50% discount. There are also some affiliate links below for other Bluprint classes that I think are useful for all knitters. You can view the trailers before you commit to buying any class.

If you are new to Bluprint, you’re going to be wowed by what they do and, if you’re already a Bluprint enthusiast, I hope you’ll be as excited as I am about Bluprint’s commitment to machine knitting!